Harsh Malhotra Prize 2022
for best publication/conference paper by a PhD student

A prize for the best publication or conference paper by a PhD student of the Department has been endowed at CDE by the family of the late Dr Harsh Malhotra, a former MA student of the Department. The terms of the award are attached. The amount for this year is likely to be around Rs. 50,000. The CDE Council has decided that in addition to currently-enrolled PhD students of the Department, those who submitted their PhD dissertations after 1.1.2020 are also eligible to submit entries for this prize, whether or not they have had their viva. A paper that has been finally accepted by a journal or conference will also be eligible. In case of joint authorship, the students must confirm their share of contribution in the work and get it endorsed by the co-authors.

Rules for award
The award of the Harsh Malhotra Prize shall be subject to the following rules:

  1. Primary criterion: the prize will be awarded to a student whose paper is accepted for publication in a `sufficiently good’ journal. The definition of this category of journals is to be decided by the Department of Economics. If there is more than one such student, the prize shall be awarded jointly and divided equally between them.
  2. Secondary criterion: In a given year, if no student meets the primary criterion, then the prize shall be awarded to a student whose paper is presented at a `sufficiently good’ international conference. The definition of this category of conferences is to be decided by the Department of Economics. If there is more than one such student, the prize shall be awarded jointly and divided equally between them.
  3. If neither criterion can be met, then the prize will not be awarded for that year. The prize money shall be rolled over for a subsequent year when more than one student qualifies for the prize. 

Please send a soft copy (pdf) of the published/accepted manuscript, along with a copy of the letter of acceptance and contribution consent from the co-authors (where required) to malhotra.prize@econdse.org by 15th November 2022. Short-listed entrants may be invited to make a presentation.

Note:- The last date of submission has been extended to 31st Dec 2022.

Executive Director, CDE