M.A. Courses

Each student is required to finalize his/her choice of the elective courses within two weeks of the start of each semester. From the list given below, the Department will announce the elective courses on offer at the beginning of each semester. The choice of elective courses in the semester will be limited to those announced by the department. Because of infrastructural requirements, the department may put a cap on the number of students in an elective course.

Semester I:    3 Core courses  Semester II:    3 Core courses + 1 Optional
001 Microeconomic Theory 004 Macroeconomic Theory
002 Introductory Mathematical Economics 005 Introduction to Game Theory
003 Introductory Econometrics 006 Economic Development & Policy in India
xxx One optional paper

Semester III and Semester IV : 4 Elective courses in each sem from the following nine groups. 

1. Microeconomics 2. Macroeconomics 3. Economic History
101 Mathematical Economics 201 Income, Employment and Fluctuations 301 India and the Early Modern International Economy
102 General Equilibrium Theory 202 Dynamic Macroeconomics 302 Labour Markets in Historical Perspective
103 Game Theory I 203 Open Economy Macroeconomics 303 International Financial System, 1850-1975
104 Game Theory II 204 Monetary Theory and Policy 304 Indian Business and Entrepreneurial History
105 Economics of Uncertainty 205 Topics in Macroeconomic Theory 305 Industrial Organisation in Historical Perspective
106 Topics in Economic Theory 206 Empirical Macroeconomics 306 Contemporary Issues in Historical Perspective
107 Choice Theory 307 Topics in Economic and Social History, 1700-1975
108 Social Choice Theory
109 International Trade
4. Econometric Methods and Applications 5. Finance: Theory, Institutions and Modelling 6. Public Policy: Theory and Institutions
401 Econometric Methods  501 Corporate Finance  601 Public Economics I
402 Applied Multivariate Statistics  502 Financial Theory  602 Public Economics II
403 Time Series Analysis  503 Financial Markets  603 Environmental Economics
404 Forecasting Methods and Applications  504 Econometrics of Financial Markets  604 Law and Economics
405 Applied Production Analysis  605 Resource Economics
406 Applied Consumption Analysis  606 Energy Economics
407 Structural Modelling for Policy Analysis  607 Applied Welfare Economics
408 Topics in Econometrics  608 Economics of Regulation
 409 Applied Environmental Economics
7. Development Economics 8. Industrial & Agricultural Economics 9. General
701 Population and Development 801 Industrial Organization 901 Ethics and Economics
702 Economics of Education and Health 802 Industrial Economy of India 902 Issues in Economic Systems and Institutions
703 Labour Economics 803 Economic Theory of the Firm 903 Issues in the History of Economic Analysis
704 Trade and Development 804 Indian Agriculture : Incentives & Decision- making 904 Economics of Discrimination
 705 Environment and Development  805 Indian Agriculture: Markets, Institutions & Technology 905 Political Economics
706 Macroeconomic Management in Developing Countries 806 Topics in Agricultural Economics 999 Dissertation course (two semester)
707 Topics in Development Economics
708 India in the World Economy
709 Transport, Location and Infrastructure
710 Comparative Development