The department continues to be served by a distinguished faculty trained at prestigious universities in India and abroad. Producing high quality, cutting-edge research is among its top priorities. The department’s research activity is funded and supported by the Centre for Development Economics, which was established with a grant from the Ministry of Finance. Faculty members regularly publish articles in the leading academic journals of their field. The department figures prominently in the RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) ranking of  more than 115 research institutions in India. The faculty also plays an active role in disseminating research results through a widely circulated working paper series, and by editing one of India’s leading economics journals, the Indian Economic Review. Faculty members contribute to the public debate by writing articles in newspapers and magazines, and help shape policy by serving on high level government committees and organizations.

The department maintains a strong link with the global community of scholars by hosting visitors from other institutions, running a weekly seminar series, arranging conferences on select themes, and organizing the annual Winter School, where leading experts from universities all over the world survey the frontiers of knowledge in their field. Prominent economists who have visited the department in recent years include Nobel Laureates John Nash (Princeton), Eric Maskin (Institute for Advanced Studies) and Robert Aumann (Hebrew University), as well as Hugo Sonnenschein (Chicago), Oliver Hart (Harvard), Charles Manski (Northwestern), Glenn Loury (Brown), Atsushi Kajii (Kyoto), William Thomson (Rochester) and Dilip Abreu (Princeton).