Winter School, 2019

Winter School, 2019 was organised by the Centre for Development Economics, Delhi School of Economics, in collaboration with the Econometric Society. Spanning over 4 days in December 2019, there were sets of lectures delivered by 4 distinguished speakers (V.V. Chari (Minnesota), Edward Glaeser (Harvard), Jean-Marc Robin (Sciences Po and University College, London) and Ran Spiegler (Tel Aviv University and University College, London)). About 70 graduate students and young faculty from India, Asia, Europe and the United States participated, attending the talks along with students from the Delhi School, and presenting short conference talks of their own.

Professor Chari lectured in the areas of optimal fiscal and monetary policy, and dynamic contracting in Macroeconomics. Professor Glaeser’s talks covered several research areas within urban economics. Professor Robin discussed the econometrics of search models with applications to job search and macroeconomics. Professor Spiegler’s focus was his recent research on the behavioural implications of causal misperceptions.