Vishruti Gupta,     
 Assistant Professor

 Ph.D. (Delhi School of Economics)
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Curriculum Vitae(pdf ver.)


After graduating from Hansraj College, University of Delhi with Honours in Economics, Vishruti Gupta completed her Masters in Economics and Ph.D. from the Delhi School of Economics (DSE), University of Delhi. Her doctorate thesis focused on three different research problems in the area of Industrial Organisation. Her other research interests include auctions, experiments, application of Game Theory.

Before joining DSE, she was working as Assistant Professor at Jindal Global Business School (O P Jindal Global University), wherein she taught courses like Quantitative Methods to Ph.D. scholars and Environment and Introductory Macroeconomics to the Undergraduate students.


Gupta, V., & Sharma, P. (2018). The impact of oil prices on stock prices and other macroeconomic variables in India: pre‐and post‐2008 crises. OPEC Energy Review, 42(3), 212-223.
Book Chapter:
Kumar, A. & Gupta, V. Management of solid waste and its effects on health:
A case study of south Delhi. Solid waste management: An Indian perspective.
Synergy Books India. ISBN, 978-93-82059-05-9, 2012.