A. Banerji : Research (Delhi School of Economics)

Selected Papers By Area:

1. A Miscellany

  • Reverse Endowment Effect for a New Product. Accepted in American Journal of Agricultural Economics (with Jeevant Rampal).
  • Detection, Identification and Estimation of Loss Aversion: Evidence from an Auction Experiment.  American Economic Journal – Microeconomics, February 2014. (with Neha Gupta)
  • Local Network Externalities and Market Segmentation. International Journal of Industrial Organization, Sept. 2009 (with B. Dutta).
  • Sequencing Strategically: Wage Negotiations under Oligopoly. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 20(7) (2002), 1037-1058.
  • Selling Jointly Owned Assets via Bilateral Bargaining Procedures. Centre for Development Economics Working Paper 75, 2000.

2. Nutrition

  • Eliciting Willingness-to-Pay through Multiple Experimental Procedures: Evidence from Lab-in-the-Field in Rural Ghana. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, June 2018. (with Shyamal Chowdhury, Hugo De Groote, J.V. Meenakshi, Joyce Haleegoah, and Manfred Ewool).
  • Information, Branding, Certification and Consumer Willingness to Pay for High Iron Pearl Millet: Evidence from Maharashtra. Food Policy, forthcoming July 2016. ( with E. Birol, B. Karandikar and J. Rampal)
  • Information and Consumer Willingness to Pay for Biofortified Cassava: Evidence from Experimental Auctions in Nigeria. Agricultural Economics, March 2016. (with A. Oparinde, E. Birol and P. Ilona).
  • Using a Discrete Choice Experiment to Elicit the Demand for a Nutritious Food: Willingness-to-Pay for Orange Maize in Rural Zambia. Journal of Health Economics, January 2012. (with J.V. Meenakshi, V. Manyong, N. Mittal, P. Hamukwala). (Older Version)
  • Using Elicitation Mechanisms to Estimate the Demand for Nutritious Maize: Evidence from Experiments in Rural Ghana. Under review. (with S. Chowdhury, H. DeGroote, J.V. Meenakshi, K. Tomlins)

3. Water Markets

  • “Social Contracts, Markets and Efficiency: Groundwater Irrigation in North India”. Journal of Development Economics, July 2012. (with J.V. Meenakshi and Gauri Khanna).
  • The effect of electricity pricing on groundwater-based agriculture: evidence on magnitudes and channels from a natural experiment in West Bengal. (in preparation: with J.V. Meenakshi, A. Mukherji and A. Gupta).

Earlier discussion paper:

  • “Does Marginal Cost Pricing of Electricity Affect Groundwater Pumping Behavior of Farmers? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in West Bengal, India”. 3ie, October 2013. (with J.V. Meenakshi, A. Mukherji, A. Gupta).
  • Groundwater Markets, Irrigation Efficiency and Sustainability: A Study from North India, in Economic and Environmental Sustainability of the Asian Region (eds. L. Singh, S. S. Gill and R. Marwah), Routledge, 2010.
  • “Groundwater Irrigation in North India: Institutions and Markets”. South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics Discussion Paper, (Nov. 2006) (with J.V. Meenakshi and G. Khanna).

Also available:

  • Groundwater Irrigation and Sustainability: Water Markets, Institutions and Power Supply in North India. SANDEE Policy Brief 18-07, February 2007.

4. Grain Markets

  • “Auctions in Grain Markets and Farmer Welfare.” Economic and Political Weekly, Vol XLVII No. 52, 2012 (Review of Rural Affairs). (with Neha Gupta and J.V. Meenakshi).
  • Millers, Commission Agents and Collusion in Grain Markets: Evidence from Basmati Auctions in North India. B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Contributions. January 2008. (with JV Meenakshi)
  • The Unsupportable Support Price: An Analysis of Collusion and Government Intervention in Paddy Auction Markets in North India. Journal of Development Economics 76 (2005) 377-403. (with JV Meenakshi)
  • Competition and Collusion in Grain Markets: Basmati Auctions in North India. In B. Chatterjee and A. Raychaudhuri (ed.). Trade, Finance and Development, 2004, Deep and Deep.
  • Buyer Collusion and Efficiency of Government Intervention in Wheat Markets in Northern India: An Asymmetric Structural Auctions Analysis. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 86(1) (2004), 236-253. (with JV Meenakshi)
  • Price Formation in Grain Markets in North India. Report prepared for the Reserve Bank of India, August 2000. (with J. V. Meenakshi).