Centre for Development Economics,
Delhi School of Economics



Dr. Srishti Yadav  
(Ph.D. The New School, New York) 
Department of Economics, University of Manitoba, Canada
Thursday, 30 December 2021 at 4:00 PM IST.

Recent farmers’ protests have led to renewed interest in the state of Indian agriculture. It is recognised that the agricultural sector is in crisis, but also that this crisis is not experienced evenly across the sector and is differentiated by region, class, and along lines of gender and caste. I present findings based on fieldwork in southern Haryana that describe agrarian caste-classes in the region, their differing patterns of investment in agriculture, and how these interact with their ability to diversify out of agriculture. My findings supplement studies which show that pathways out of agriculture are shaped by historical social relations of oppression, specifically caste and gender.

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All are cordially invited.

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