Jean Drèze : Research

I. Books (Chronological Order)

1. Hunger and Public Action (co-authored with Amartya Sen), Oxford University Press, 1989.

2. The Political Economy of Hunger, 3 volumes (co-edited with Amartya Sen), Oxford University Press, 1990.

3. Social Security in Developing Countries (co-edited with S.E. Ahmad, J. Hills and A.K. Sen), Oxford University Press, 1991.

4. India: Economic Development and Social Opportunity (co-authored with Amartya Sen), Oxford University Press, 1995.

5. Indian Development: Selected Regional Perspectives (co-edited with Amartya Sen), Oxford University Press, 1997.

6. The Dam and the Nation: Displacement and Resettlement in the Narmada Valley (co-edited with Meera Samson and Satyajit Singh), Oxford University Press, 1997.

7. Public Report on Basic Education in India (co-authored with Anuradha De and others), Oxford University Press, 1999.

8. The Economics of Famine (edited), International Library of Critical Writings in Economics, Edward Elgar Publishing, 1999.

9. War and Peace in the Gulf: Testimonies of the Gulf Peace Team (co-edited with Bela Bhatia and Kathy Kelly), Spokesman, 2001.

10. India: Development and Participation (co-authored with Amartya Sen), Oxford University Press, 2002.

11. Employment Guarantee: A Primer (co-authored with Nikhil Dey and Reetika Khera), National Book Trust, 2006.

12. An Uncertain Glory: India and Its Contraditions (co-authored with Amartya Sen), Penguin, 2013.

13. Sense and Solidarity: Essays in Jholawala Economics, Permanent Black, 2017.


II. Academic Papers (Chronological Order)

1. ‘The Theory of Cost-benefit Analysis’ (with N.H. Stern), in Auerbach, A., and Feldstein, M. (eds) (1987), Handbook of Public Economics (Amsterdam: North Holland).

2. ‘Labour Contracts in Rural India: Theories and Evidence’ (with Anindita Mukherjee), in Chakravarty, S. (ed) (1989), The Balance between Industry and Agriculture in Economic Development, Vol.3 (London: Macmillan).

3. ‘Policy Reform, Shadow Prices and Market Prices(with Nicholas Stern), Journal of Public Economics, 42(1), June 1990.

4. ‘Famine Prevention in India’, in Drèze, J.P. and Sen, A.K. (eds) (1990), The Political Economy of Hunger (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

5. ‘Famine Prevention in Africa’, in Drèze, J.P. and Sen, A.K. (eds) (1990), The Political Economy of Hunger (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

6. ‘Widows in Rural India’, Discussion Paper No.26, Development Economics Research Programme, London School of Economics, August 1990.

7. ‘Poverty in India and the IRDP Delusion‘, Economic and Political Weekly, 29 September 1990.

8. ‘Share-cropping in Palanpur’ (with Naresh Sharma), Journal of Development Studies, 1996.

9. ‘Public Action for Social Security: Foundations and Strategy’ (with Amartya Sen), in Ahmad, Drèze, Hills and Sen (eds) (1991), Social Security in Developing Countries (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

10. ‘Hunger and Poverty in Iraq, 1991’ (with Haris Gazdar), World Development, 20(7): 921-945 (1992).

11. ‘Famine Prevention’, Disasters, 15(3): 265-270, (September 1991).

12.War, Sanctions and Human Well-being in Iraq (with Haris Gazdar), Economic and Political Weekly, 14 December, 1991.

13.Widows and Health in Rural North India‘, (with Marty Chen), Economic and Political Weekly, 27(43-44), 24-31 October 1992.

14. ‘Widows and Well-being in Rural North India’ (with Marty Chen), in Women and Health in India, edited by Monica Das Gupta, T.N. Krishnan and Lincoln Chen (Oxford University Press, 1995).

15. ‘Primary Education and Economic Development in China and India: Overview and Two Case Studies’ (with Mrinalini Saran), in Basu, K., Pattanaik, P., and Suzumura, K. (eds) (1995), Choice, Welfare, and Development: Essays in Honour of Amartya Sen (Oxford: Clarendon Press).

16. ‘Economic Development, Public Action and Social Progress’ Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 15(3), December 1994.

17.Mortality, Fertility and Gender Bias in India: A District Level Analysis(with Anne-Catherine Guio and Mamta Murthi), Population and Development Review, 21(4), December 1995.

18. ‘Literacy in India and China(with Jackie Loh), Economic and Political Weekly, 11 November 1995.

19.Demographic Outcomes, Economic Development and Women’s Agency(with Anne-Catherine Guio and Mamta Murthi), Economic and Political Weekly, 6 July, 1996.

20.Widowhood and Poverty in Rural India (with P.V. Srinivasan), Journal of Development Economics, 54(2), 1997.

21.Recent Research on Widows in India(with Marty Chen), Economic and Political Weekly, 30 September 1995.

22.Daily Wages and Piece Rates in Agrarian Economies(with Jean-Marie Baland and Luc Leruth), Journal of Development Economics, 59 (1999).

23. ‘Uttar Pradesh: The Burden of Inertia’ (with Haris Gazdar), in Drèze and Sen (eds) (1997), Indian Development: Selected Regional Perspectives (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

24. ‘Economic Development in Palanpur, 1957-93: Occupational Change, Land Ownership and Social Inequality’, in Breman, J., Kloos, P., and Saith, A. (eds.) (1997), The Village in Asia Revisited (Delhi: Oxford University Press).

25. ‘Palanpur: Population, Society, Economy’ (with Naresh Sharma), in Lanjouw and Stern (eds.) (1998), Economic Development in Palanpur Over Five Decades (Delhi and Oxford: Oxford University Press).

26. ‘Economic Development in Palanpur, 1957-93’ (with Peter Lanjouw and Naresh Sharma), in Lanjouw and Stern (eds.) (1998), Economic Development in Palanpur Over Five Decades (Delhi and Oxford: Oxford University Press).

27. ‘Distribution Matters in Cost-Benefit Analysis’, Journal of Public Economics, 70(3), 1998.

28.Crime, Gender and Society in India: Some Clues from Homicide Data(with Reetika Khera), Population and Development Review, 26 (June 2000).

29.School Participation in Rural India(with Geeta Gandhi Kingdon), Review of Development Economics, 5(1) (February 2001).

30.Militarism, Development and Democracy, Economic and Political Weekly, 1 April 2000.

31.Commodity Taxation and Social Welfare: The Generalised Ramsey Rule(with David Coady), International Tax and Public Finance, 9 (2002).

32.Fertility, Education and Development: Evidence from India, Population and Development Review, 27(1) (March 2001).

33. ‘Patterns of Literacy and their Social Context’, in Veena Das et al. (eds.) (2003) Encyclopedia of Sociology and Social Anthropology (New Delhi: Oxford University Press).

34.War and Famines, in Desai, V., and Potter, R.B. (eds.) (2002), The Companion to Development Studies (London: Arnold).

35.Democratic Practice and Social Inequality in India(jointly with Amartya Sen), Journal of Asian and African Studies, 37(2).

36. ‘On Research and Action, Economic and Political Weekly, 2 March 2002.

37.Poverty and Inequality in India: A Reexamination(with Angus Deaton), Economic and Political Weekly, 7 September 2002.

38.The Future of Mid-day Meals(with Aparajita Goyal), Economic and Political Weekly, 1 November 2003.

39.Mid-day Meals and Children’s Rights’, Economic and Political Weekly, 8 May 2004.

40. ‘Gender Inequality and Women’s Agency’ (with Amartya Sen), in Mohanty, M. (ed.), Class, Caste, Gender: Readings in Indian Government and Politics (New Delhi: Sage).

41.Democracy and the Right to Food, Economic and Political Weekly, 24 April 2004.

42. ‘Dr. Ambedkar and the Future of Indian Democracy’, Indian Journal of Human Rights, 9(1&2), Jan-Dec 2005.

43.Education and Development: An Unfinished Discovery, in Kumar, R., Sethi, A., and Sikka, S. (eds.)(2005), School, Society, Nation: Popular Essays in Education (New Delhi: Orient Longman).

44.Imperialist Globalisation versus Global Solidarity, in Jai Sen (ed.) (2006), Interrogating Empires (New Delhi: Zubaan).

45.Employment Guarantee in Jharkhand: Ground Realities’ (with Bela Bhatia), Economic and Political Weekly, 22-28 July 2006.

46. ‘Universalization with Quality: ICDS in a Rights Perspective’, Economic and Political Weekly, 26 August 2006.

47.Militarism and Development, in Clark, D.E. (ed.) (2006), The Elgar Companion to Development Studies (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar).

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50.Early Childhood in India: Facing the Facts(with Reetika Khera and Sudha Narayanan), Indian Journal of Human Development, 1(2), July-December 2007.

51.Ashok Rudra’ (with Suman Sarkar), in Basu, K. (ed.) (2007), The Oxford Companion to the Indian Economy (New Delhi: Oxford University Press).

52. ‘India’s Employment Guarantee Act: Reclaiming Policy Space’, in Deshpande, A. (ed.) (2007), Globalization and Development (New Delhi: Oxford University Press).

53.Strategies for Children Under Six: A Framework for the 11th Plan (with Arun Gupta and others), Economic and Political Weekly, 29 December 2007.

54.Nutrition in India: Facts and Interpretations(with Angus Deaton), Economic and Political Weekly, 14 February 2009.

55.The BPL Census and a Possible Alternatives(with Reetika Khera), Economic and Political Weekly, 27 February 2010

III. Articles in Newspapers and Magazines (Thematic Arrangement)

Elementary Education

1. ‘Primary Priorities: Learning Lessons from Himachal Pradesh’, Times of India, 23 July 1997.

2. ‘Class Struggle’ (with the PROBE Team), India Today, 13 October 1997.

3. ‘Primary Priorities: Lessons on Compulsory Education’, Times of India, 15 October 1997.

4. ‘Biases in Educational Statistics’ (with Geeta Gandhi Kingdon), The Hindu, March 1998.

5.For Basic Education to All, Frontline, 12 February 1999.

6. ‘Fundamental Right to Education: Creating an Enabling Environment’, Times of India, 31 March 1999.

7.Education: Report Card(with A. De, M. Samson, A.K. Shiva Kumar and S. Dasgupta), Frontline, 26(6), 14 March 2009.

8.School Education: Struggling to Learn(with A. De, M. Samson and A.K. Shiva Kumar), The Hindu, 20 February 2009.

Mid-day Meals

1. ‘Primary Priorities: Managing Meals’, Times of India, April 1998.

2.School-meal Politics, The Hindu, May 2002.

3.The Future of Mid-day Meals(with Aparajita Goyal), Frontline, 15 August 2003.

4. ‘Beyond Ghoogri, Hindustan Times (Jaipur), 29 August 2003.

5.Glucose for Lok Sabha?(with Reetika Khera), Hindustan Times, 14 April 2008.

6. ‘Mid-day Meals: Five Years On’ (with Reetika Khera), Yojana, 2008.

Food Security Act

1.Food Security: Loss of Nerve?, Hindustan Times, 14 October 2010 ‘The Cash Mantra’, The Indian Express, 11 May 2011.

2. The Cash Mantra, The Indian Express, 11 May 2011.

3.Right to Food: Time to Act, (with Reetika Khera) in Indo-Global Social Service Society (2011), Reflections on Development (New Delhi: IGSSS).

4.PDS Leakages: The Plot Thickens(with Reetika Khera), The Hindu 12 August 2011.

5.Poverty Trap, Hindustan Times, 22 September 2011.

Right to Food

1.Starving the Poor’, The Hindu, 26 and 27 February 2001.

2. ‘Wake Up and Take Charge’, Hindustan Times, 29 April 2001.

3. ‘Poverty of Policy, Scarcity of Will(with Reetika Khera), Times of India, 18 May 2001.

4.Upholding the Right to Food, The Hindu, 27 June 2001.

5.No More Lifelines: Political Economy of Hunger in Orissa, Times of India, 17 September 2001.

6.Right to Food and Public Accountability, The Hindu, 5 December 2001.

7. ‘Ending Destitution, The Hindu, 29 July 2002.

8.Still Starving in Jharkhand(with Bela Bhatia), Frontline, 16 August 2002.

9. ‘On the Hunger Trail’, Hindustan Times, 21 May 2003.

10. ‘Where Welfare Works: Plus Points of the TN Model , Times of India, 21 May 2003.

11.Praying for Food Security, The Hindu, 27 October 2003.

12.A Grain of Good Sense’, Outlook, 20 July 2009.

Employment Guarantee

1.From Food-for-Work to Fight-for-Work, The Hindu, 14 June 2001.

2.May Day with a Difference, The Hindu, 3 May 2003.

3.Adivasis Demand the Right to Work, The Hindu, 1 June 2003.

4.Employment as a Social Responsibility, The Hindu, 21 November 2004.

5.Why Should Anyone be Afraid of the Employment Guarantee Act?, Financial Express, 18 December 2004.

6.Unemployment Guarantee Bill, The Hindu, 31 December 2004.

7. ‘Employment Guarantee Act: Promise and Demise, Yojana, April 2005.

8.Loot for Work Programme, Times of India, 2 July 2005.

11. ‘Employment Guarantee and Its Discontents, Times of India, 12 and 13 August 2005.

12.Employment and Empowerment, Sahara Time, 7 January 2006.

13.National Employment Guarantee Inaction, The Hindu, 12 September 2006.

14.Employment Guarantee: Unfinished Agenda(with Siddharth Lal), The Hindu, 13 July 2007.

15.Commendable Act’ (with Christian Oldiges), Frontline, 27 July 2007.

16.Long Road to Employment Guarantee(with Sowmya Kidambi), The Hindu, 2 August 2007.

17.Employment Guarantee and Corruption’, Hindustan, 6 July 2007.

18.NREGA: Dismantling the Contractor Raj‘, The Hindu, 20 November 2007.

19.Employment Guarantee: Beyond Propaganda’, The Hindu, 11 January 2008.

20.Finish the Job(with Aruna Roy and Nikhil Dey, Hindustan Times, 31 January 2008.

21.Corruption in NREGA: Myths and Reality(with Reetika Khera and Siddhartha), The Hindu, 22 January 2008.

22.NREGA: Ship Without Rudder?, The Hindu, 19 July 2008.

23.From Accounts to Accountability, The Hindu (6 December 2008).

24.The Battle for Employment Guarantee (with Reetika Khera), Frontline, 26(1), 3 January 2009.

25.Work in Progress(with Christian Oldiges), Frontline, 14 February 2009.

26.Lok Adalat or Joke Adalat?(with Reetika Khera), The Hindu, 22 February 2009.

27. ‘NREGA: The Accountability Gap(published as ‘Act Fair, Give Rural Workers their Due’), Times of India, 12 July 2009.

28. ‘Employment Guarantee or Slave Labour?, The Hindu, 18 September 2009.

War and Peace

1. ‘Reducing Iraq to a Permanent Refugee Camp’ (with Haris Gazdar), Peace News, November 1991.

2. ‘Of Nukes and Men, The Hindu, 12 June 1998.

3.From Hiroshima to Pokaran, Frontline, 15(14), 17 July 1998.

4. ‘It’s Time to Bust Iraq Sanctions’, Times of India, 3 August 1999.

5. ‘Nuclear Deterrence: From MAD to Worse’, The Hindu, 6 August 1999.

6. ‘Day of the Bayonet’, Hindustan Times, 15 January 2000.

7.Kashmir: Manufacturing Ethnic Conflict, The Hindu, 29 March 2000.

8.The Warped Logic of Nuclear Gambles, The Hindu, 27 May 2002.

9.Information, Democracy and the Military Establishment, Vidura, 39(4) (Oct.-Dec. 2002).

10.India and the Deal: Partner or Pawn?’, The Hindu, 7 September 2007.


1. ‘Resettlement of Narmada Oustees’, Economic Times, 22 February 1994.

2. ‘For Democracy and Development’ (with Bela Bhatia), Frontline, 6 March 1998.

3. ‘Role of Media in Democracy’, Vidura, 1998.

4. ‘Two is Company, One is no Fun’, Times of India, 12 June 1998.

5. ‘A Rural Awakening’, Frontline, 26 March 1999.

6.Poverty: Beyond Head-count Ratios‘, The Hindu, 9 September 2000.

7. ‘Use Your Illusions (with Reetika Khera), Hindustan Times.

8. ‘Health Checkup, The Hindu, 12 March 2004.

9.Bangladesh Shows the Way, The Hindu, 17 September 2004.

10.India’s Forgotten Teachers: Anganwadi Workers, Economic Times, 5 September 2006.

11.Children Under Six: Out of the Spotlight, The Hindu, 20 October 2006.

12.Rang de Basti(with Bela Bhatia), Hindustan Times, May 2007.

13.Interpretation of Dreams, Times of India, 28 April 2009.

14.UID Facility or Calamity, The Hindu, 25 November 2010 ‘Notional Advisory Council’, The Hindu, 9 January 2011

15.The Bribing Game, The Indian Express, 23 April 2011

16. ‘Putting Growth in it’s Place, Outlook, 14 November 2011

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