Parikshit Ghosh : Research

Selected Publications:

  • “Cooperation in Community Interaction Without Information Flows.” (with Debraj Ray) Review of Economic Studies, 1996. 63, 491-519.
  • “Credit Rationing in Underdeveloped Countries: An Overview of the Theory.” (with Dilip Mookherjee and Debraj Ray) in A Reader in Development Economics, Dilip Mookherjee and Debraj Ray, eds., Blackwell, January 2001.
  • “Factor Markets in Poor Agrarian Economies.” (with Ashok Kotwal), forthcoming in The International Handbook of Development Economics, edited by Jaime Ros, Routledge.
  • “Price Discrimination as Portfolio Diversification.” Economics Bulletin, 2008. 4(5), 1-9.

Working Papers:

  • “Making the Punishment Fit the Crime or Taliban Justice? Optimal Penalties Without Commitment.”
  • “Efficient Equilibria and Information Aggregation in Common Interest Voting Games.” (with Archishman Chakraborty).
  • “Electoral Competition, Moderating Institutions and Political Extremism.”