Sugata Bag::  Curriculum Vitae (pdf version)

Associate Professor, Department of Economics,
Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, Delhi – 110007, INDIA.
TEL: (+91) 011-2700 8115 (direct). Fax: (+ 91)-11-27667159. EMAIL:


        Research:    Development Economics, Law & Regulatory Economics, Labour Economics
        Teaching:    Mathematical Economics, Regulation, Econometrics

POSITIONS HELD: (Chronological Order)

  • Associate Professor in Economics, Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University; Since 2020.
  • Assistant Professor in Economics, Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University; 2010-20.
  • Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Visiting Chair at the Centre for Contemporary Indian Studies, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka 2019-20. (Deputation post to ICCR, under Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India)
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, Delhi University, July 2005 to February
  • Business Analyst, American Express Bank, at India and USA, 2002 –2003.


 Ph.D.                        Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi under the supervision of Prof. Satish K.Jain.
 [2002 – 2009]       Thesis title – Contract Law: An Economic Analysis of Incomplete Contracts, and the Legal Remedies for Breach of Contract under some Specific                                     Contract.

Post-Graduation      MA-Economics from the Centre for Economic Studies & Planning, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
[1999 – 2001]

Under-Graduation   B.Sc. (Honours) in Economics (with Statistics, Mathematics) from University of Calcutta.
 [1996 – 1999]


  • Instructor, Department of Economics, DSE, 2010 – present
  •  Courses offered: Mathematical Economics (core) at the master’s level; and Economics of Regulation (optional), Law and Economics (optional); at both masters and PhD levels.


  • (Major Project) Principal Investigator, European Commission funded project NoPoor, April 2012 – Sept 2017.
            Project title: “Exploring the dimensions and dynamics of Indian urban poverty: Multidimensional and Political Aspects”. Hosted at Centre for Development Economics, Delhi School of Economics (with Dr. Suman Seth, Leeds University Business School and OPHI)
  • (Minor Project) Principal Investigator, Univ of Delhi R&D Grant for faculty 2012-13.
             Project title: “Understanding Urban Poverty: A Pilot Survey in Delhi”.


  • Book: Bag, Sugata (2018). “Economic Analysis of Contract Law: Incomplete Contract and Asymmetric Information”. London: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 978-3-319-65267-2. [Here]
  • Journal Article: Bag, S. and Seth, S. (2017). “Does It Matter How We Assess Standard of Living? Evidence from Indian Slums Comparing Monetary and Multidimensional Approaches” published in Social Indicators Research, Vol. 2017 (Oct): 1-40. Jointly with Suman
  • Book Chapter: Bag, Sugata (2020). “Urban Female Labor Force Participation and its Correlates: A Comparative Study of Slum-dwellers and their Urban Counterparts of Three Metro Cities in India”. In Emerald Series: Advances in Gender Research Issue: Advances in women’s empowerment: critical insight from Asia, Africa and Latin Edited by Marta Ochman and Araceli Ortega Diaz. ISBN: 978-1-83982-473- 9 [Pre-print here]
  • Monograph: Bag, S. and Gupta, A. (2020). “India’s Growth Perspectives: Prospects and Challenges 1970-2017”. Centre for Contemporary Indian Studies, University of Jointly with Anish Gupta. ISBN 978-955-7687-03-2 [Here]
  • Monograph: Bag, S., Seth, S. and Gupta (2019). “Slums and Slumdwellers in Three Metro Cities of India: A Comparative Study of Living Conditions”. Centre for Contemporary Indian Studies, University of Colombo. Jointly with Suman Seth and Anish ISBN 978-955-7687-04-09 [Here]
  • Book Chapter: Bag, Sugata (2015). “On Breach Remedies: Contracting with Bilateral Selfish Investment and Two-Sided Private Information”. In ‘Themes in Economic Analysis: Theory, policy and measurement’, Edited by Subrata Guha, Rajendra Prasad Kundu, Subramanian. Routledge India, August 2015. ISBN 9781317410836. [Here]
  • Book Chapter: Bag, Sugata (2016). “Regulating Air Pollution in Delhi: All at Fault but None to Blame! ” , CPDHE (DU) Edited, In ‘Nation Building Through Higher Education’, New Delhi Publication,
  • Journal Article: Bag, Sugata (2010). “Whither Contract Damages: Contracts with Bilateral Reliance, One-sided Private Information” published in Journal of Law Economics and Regulation, 6 N°. 6: 47-80, 2010 issue.
  • Policy Brief: NoPoor Policy brief no. 57: “Standards of living in urban slums: How to measure and map its correlates – Evidence from Indian metro cities” [Here]
  • Popular Article: “Does it matter how we assess living standards in slums?” in Ideas for India [Here]


  • “Understanding Standard of Living and Correlates in Slums: An Analysis using Monetary Versus Multidimensional Approaches in Three Indian Cities”. Jointly with Suman Nopoor working paper series, September 2016.
  • “A Comparative Study of Living Conditions in Slums of Three Metro Cities in India”. CDE Working paper series (no. 253), February 2016. Jointly with Suman Seth & Anish


  • Causes of Low Labour Force Participation Among the Married Women of India: Cultural and Structural Factors
  • Relative Education and Spousal Say: Female Labour Market Outcome
  • Affirmative Action and Multidimensional Poverty: Evidence from Indian Slums


  • International Conference on Economics and Development, June 2017 at Colombo, Sri
  • 12th Annual Conference on Economic Growth and Development, December 19-21, 2016 at Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi
  • UNU-Merit Conference on World Toilet November 2016. Delhi, India.
  • Annual Meeting of the Nopoor Project, July 2016 at Mexico City, Organised by ITSEM, Mexico and NoPoor.
  • Africa Policy Conference, (Nopoor), in May 2016 at Accra, Ghana. Organised by Ghana Center for Democratic Development, Accra, Ghana and
  • India Policy Seminar, (Nopoor), in March 2016 at Delhi, India. Organised by Centre for Development Economics, Delhi School of Economics; Centre for Social Sciences & Humanities (CSH, CNRS) and NoPoor, EU.
  • CSAE Conference 2014, Centre for the Study of African Economies at the University of Oxford, March 2014, at Oxford, UK.
  • 17th Annual   Conference   of ISNIE (International   Society   for   New    Institutional Economics), June 2013, at Florence, Italy.
  • Asian Meeting of Econometric Society, December 2012, at Delhi School of
  • Conference on Economic Theory, Markets and Institutions of Governance, March 2010 at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New
  • 7th Annual Conference of the German Law and Economics Association (GLEA) and 4th French-German Talks in Law and Economics” on December 2009 at University of Trier,
  • SET’2008 (Singapore Economic Theory Conference), August 2008 at National University of Singapore.
  • ESNIE’2008 France (European School of New Institutional Economics), May 2008 at Corsica, Awarded with Best Paper.

Invited Lectures/Talks

  • Seminar in     Applied     Microeconomics    –     Virtual     Assembly     &     Discussion ( in May 2020 (Webinar)
  • Special lectures at CEPA (Centre for Poverty Analysis), Colombo, Sri Lanka in November and December 2019.
  • LQA at Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka in February 2019
  • Keynote Speaker, 5th International Conference on Contemporary Management, University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka in July 2019.
  • Economics Seminar, Stephens College, Delhi University in February 2017.
  • Special Lecture Series in Economics, School of Liberal Studies, Ambedkar University Delhi in October 2016
  • Economics Seminar Series, The TERI University, Delhi in August 2016 at Delhi, India
  • CESP Seminars Series, Centre for Economic Studies &  Planning, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi in November 2014


  • OPHI Summer School on Multidimensional Poverty Analysis 2015, at Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA, from 3-15 August 2015. Organised by Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative, Oxford University and Georgetown University, Washington D.C.,
  • Fifth South Asian Training Programme on CGE Modelling, August 2012 in Kathmandu, Organized by SAWTEE, Nepal and SANEM, Bangladesh.
  • Law & Economics Workshop September 2003 at IGIDR,


  • Member, American Economic Association, since 2014
  • Member, Econometric Society, since 2012
  • Secretary, Centre for Development Economics, 2013-15, 2017-19
  • Life Member, The Indian Econometric
  • Member, ISNIE, since 2012
  • Member, ESNIE, since 2008
  • Member, Econometric Society 2012-till date


  • Member, Departmental Research Committee, 2012 – till date
  • Member, Departmental Computer Committee, 2011- 2018
  • Member, Board of Research Studies, Delhi University, 2012- till date
  • Member, Faculty of Social Science, Delhi University, 2012 – till date
  • Member, Committee of Courses, BA (H) Economics, 2011- till date
  • Member, Committee of Courses, BA Programme, 2011- till date
  • Member, Organising Committee, CDE-DSE Winter School 2011
  • Member, Organising Committee, Asian Meeting of Econometric Society 2012 Conference
  • Convenor, Organising Committee, CDE-DSE-Econometric Society Winter School


  • Priyank Mishra (M.Phil. 2012-14): awarded Phil. degree in June 2015.
  • Topic: Local Governance and Elite Capture in Rural
  • Aditi Singhal (Ph.D. 2012-2019): Awarded PhD degree in September
  • Topic: Economic Analysis of Electoral Behaviour and Political Institutions

TEL: (+91) 011-2700 8115 (direct). Fax: (+ 91)-11-27667159. EMAIL:


  • Agricultural Economics, Journal of International Association of Agricultural Economists
  • CS Canada, Canadian Social
  • Indian Economic Review
  • Progress in Development Studies
  • World Development
  • Singapore Economic Review
  • Social Indicators Research


  • Received ICSSR supported publication grant, May (F. No. 14-43 (T) PRS/2015)
  • Recipient of Best Paper Award in ESNIE 2008 in Corsica,


  • Econometric Packages : SAS, STATA, MATLAB,
  • Editing Packages :            MS-Office, Openoffice, TEX, Scientific Workplace
  • Data Handling :                 Python, MS-Access,
  • Operating System :           MS-Windows, Linux,

REFERENCES: On request


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