Uday Bhanu Sinha : Research

Forthcoming Papers

  1. “Intra-brand patent licensing with inter-brand competition” (with Jiyun Cao), forthcoming, Mathematical Social Sciences.
  2. “The implications of labor unions in the presence of a merger” (with Jiyun Cao and Arijit Mukherjee), forthcoming, The Manchester School.

Edited Book

2011Dimensions of Economic Theory and Policy: Essays for Anjan Mukherji, Edited Volume (with K. G. Dastidar and H. Mukhopadhyay), Oxford University Press, New Delhi.

Guest Editor

2016Special Volume: Applied Game Theory and Policy, Indian Economic Review, Vol 51.

Research Publications

A. International Cartel

2018 “Export cartel and consumer welfare” (with Arijit Mukherjee), forthcoming, Review of International Economics.
2016International Cartels with Territorial Allocation: A Model with Paradoxical Implications (with Aditya Bhattacharjea), Indian Economic Review, Vol. 51. 2016, 181 – 195.
2015Multi-market collusion with territorial allocation (with Aditya Bhattacharjea)International Journal of Industrial Organization, 41, 42-50.

B. Strategic Outsourcing

2018Firm-asymmetry and Strategic Outsourcing (with Jiyun Cao and Arijit Mukherjee), International Review of Economics and Finance, 53, 16 – 24. 
2017Outsourcing under Incomplete Information (with Tarun Kabiraj), Indian Growth and Development Review, Volume 10(1), 3 – 15.
2016Strategic Outsourcing with Technology Transfer under Price Competition (with Tarun Kabiraj), International Review of Economics and Finance, Vol 44, Pages 281–290.
2016Economies of Scale and (Non)Existence of Strategic Outsourcing in Cournot DuopolyEconomics Bulletin 36(3), 1260-66.
2014Strategic Outsourcing with Technology Transfer under Cournot Competition (with Tarun Kabiraj), Economics Bulletin, Vol.34 (2), 1133-1140.

C. Intellectual Property Rights

2013Patent Protection, Southern Innovation and Welfare in a North-South Trade Model (with Arijit Mukherjee), Economica, Vol. 80, 248-273.
2007Knowledge diffusion under patent with asymmetric firms (with Arijit Mukherjee), Economics Bulletin, Vol. 12, No. 9, 1-6.
2006Patent Enforcement, Innovation and Welfare, Journal of Economics, Vol. 88, No.3, 211-241.

D. Trade and Foreign Competition

2016Competition, foreign direct investment, and welfare(with Arijit Mukherjee), Economics Letters, 139, 43 – 45.
2015Foreign Entry, Acquisition Target and Host Country Welfare (with Tarun Kabiraj), Manchester School, 83(6), 725-748.
2013On R&D Information Sharing and Merger, Economic Modelling, Vol. 32, 369-376.
2oo7Welfare reducing domestic cost reduction(with Arijit Mukherjee), Review of International Economics, Vol. 15, No. 2, 294-301.
2005Reciprocal Dumping: A Generalised Approach (with Prabal Ray Chaudhuri), in Manas Chatterji and Partha Gangopadhyay (eds.), Globalization and Economic Reforms, Ashgate Publishing, 247-254.

E. Privatisation and Mixed Oligopoly

2014Can cost asymmetry be a rationale for privatisation?” (with Arijit Mukherjee),  International Review of Economics and Finance, Vol. 29, 497 – 503.
2011Price competition in a mixed duopoly (with K. G. Dastidar) in  K. G. Dastidar, H. Mukhopadhyay, and U. B. Sinha (eds)Dimensions of Economic Theory and Policy: Essays for Anjan MukherjiOxford University Press, New Delhi

F. Labour Economics

2013Understanding NREGA: A simple theory and some facts (with Diganta Mukherjee), in K. Narayanan and N. S. Siddharthan (eds.), Human Capital and Development: The Indian Experience, Springer India, 103-128.[Working Paper Version] [Published Version]
2009Attitude to Schooling, Wage Premium and Child Labour (with Diganta Mukherjee), Indian Growth and Development Review, Vol.2(2), 113-125.

G. Technology Licensing

2016Optimal value of a patent in an asymmetric Cournot duopoly market,  Economic Modelling, 57, 93-105.
2010Strategic Licensing, Exports, FDI and Host Country Welfare, Oxford Economic Papers, Vol. 62(1), 114 – 131.
2010Patent Licensing from a High-Cost Firm to a Low-Cost Firm (with Sougata Poddar), Economic Record, Vol. 86. Issue 274, 384-395.
2008On Patent Licensing (co-authored with Sougata Poddar), Roberto Cellini and Luca Lambertini (eds.), The Economics of Innovation: Incentives, Cooperation, and R&D Policy, Emerald UK, 33-65.
2004On Patent Licensing in Spatial Competition (with Sougata Poddar), Economic Record, Vol.80, NO.249, 208-218.

H. International Technology Transfer

2008International Joint Venture: Buy-out and Subsidiary Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol. 65(3-4), 734-756.
2001International Joint Venture, Licensing and Buy-out under Asymmetric InformationJournal of Development Economics, Vol. 66(1), 127-151.
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2001Licensing, Imitation and Subsidiary under Government Policy Uncertainty, Keio Economic Studies, Vol. 38(2), 1-22.
2001International Technology Transfer and Stability of Joint ventures in Developing Economies: A Critical Analysis Occasional Paper No. 83, Export-Import Bank of India.

I. Indian Industry

2005Does the Structure of Debt Affect the Output and Investment Strategies of the Firms? (with Rashmi Banga), Journal of Restructuring Finance, Vol.2, No. 2, 157-172..