M.A. Economics : Admission 2014

Important Notice for candidates applied under Sports Quota

Important Notice for candidates applied under ECA Quota

 Date of Exam:  June 28, 2014
Last date for submitting applications online:  April 18, 2014

To apply on line visit : http://admission.du.ac.in/admission_pg/login.php

For information and rules regarding admission to MA economics see

Important Information

General Instruction: Candidates are advised to read the bulletin of information carefully, both for the general rules for faculty of Social Sciences and for specific requirements of the Department of Economics.

Candidates who applied before April 7, 2014: Request for changes in the application form with respect to any of the following should be sent to admissions2014@econdse.org

  1. Choice of Option for Entrance Examination – Choice of Option A or Option B
  2. Choice of Mode of Admission – (a) Direct/Merit-based admission only; (b) Entrance Exam only; or (c) Both modes

Note: your request regarding these issues will be entertained only if you applied online before April 7 and have sent us a request email. Subject to these conditions, we will take your preference into account in the due course.  Do not worry if you do not receive a response to your email. However, make sure that your examination center has the Entrance examination option (A or B) opted/requested by you.

Examination Centers: All examination centers will be on the North Campus of University of Delhi. The details about the centers will be made available at www.econdse.org  a few days ahead of the date of entrance examination.

BA/BSc (Hons) in Economics and the Other Degrees from Indian Universities:  “A course shall be treated as an Honours course only if it contains at least 55% marks of the total marks in respect of papers in Economics”. This means economics papers must have a weightage of at least 55% of the aggregate of all subjects. If that is not the case in your course/degree, you will be considered in category (iii), that is, the degrees other than BA/BSc (Hons) in Economics.  For category (iii), the eligibility requirement is 60%.

Indian Nationals with Degree from a foreign university: Such candidates should opt for the Entrance Examination as the mode of admission. The issues related to recognition of the degree, qualifying marks, etc., will be decided by the University.

Foreign Nationals:   All requests/reference received by the department from this category of students will be forwarded to the University, after the last date is over. Decisions taken by the University will be final.

Degree from a university other than University of Delhi: The University of Delhi will decide whether a degree is recognised as equivalent or not. All requests/reference received by the department in this regard will be forwarded to the University, after the last date is over. Decisions taken by the University will be final.

Requests/queries pertaining to issues such as technical glitches in uploading, changes in the marks entered, category, and any other matter will be forwarded to the university whose decision will be final.