M.A. Economics : Admissions 2016-17

Corrigendum of Final  Admission List


Final  Admission List (General  and OBC Category)-Merit Based


5th Admission List (SC Category) and 2nd Admission List PWD Category


Revised 4th Admission List
Important Notice

Candidates (including those in tied positions on the last page) may report to the Department of Economics on 12th August, 13th August (up to 12 noon) or 16th August. Tie-breaking rule will be applicable in case the number of applicants exceeds the number of vacancies.

M.A. Economics 4th Admission List
Important Notice

Applicants whose names are listed (including those on the tied list) should report to the Department of Economics by 12 noon on Saturday 13th August 2016 with their original documents.

Admission List  PwD Category

Revised Admission List for SPORTS Category


M.A. Economics Admission List for SPORTS CATEGORY [Removed]

M.A. Economics 3rd Admission List
Important Notice

Candidates whose names appear on the list (including tied cases) may report to the Department of Economics during working hours up to 12 noon on Saturday, 6th August 2016.

Complete PwD Merit List
Important Notice

The Complete PwD Merit List (NOT Admission List) for admission to MA Economics is given here. Candidates on this list who are desirous of taking admission must submit their complete documents (including disability certificate) by 5 pm on 5th August 2016 in Room 103, Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics. Admission lists based on Delhi University guidelines will be uploaded by Monday, 8th August, and candidates may take admission by Wednesday, 10th August. For the benefit of PwD candidates, a ramp and lift is available at the rear of the Economics Building. Candidates may call up the Department Office at 27666395 for assistance.

Revised M.A. 1st list CW-PWD

M.A. 1st list CW-PWD
Important Notice

Candidates who have difficulty reporting to the Department by 4.30 pm today should call up on 27666395 to block their seats.

M.A. Economics 2nd Admission List
Important Notice

Students on the 2nd admission list may submit their documents in room 104 of the Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics, between 10 am to 3 pm (excluding lunch), on 29th/30th July or 1st August 2016. University rules will be applicable in case of any tie for the last place.

Important Notice

The results of the Entrance Test for M.A. Economics are being given here. The cut-off marks (out of 120) in the First Admission List are as follows:
General       50
OBC           43.2 (minimum qualifying mark)
SC              26
ST              24
It may be noted that due to a tie at the 56th position, only 55 candidates were included in the First Admission List under the Unreserved Category although there are 59 seats under this category. The vacant seats will be filled (subject to eligibility) in subsequent lists. It may further be noted that unlike in earlier years, admission lists are being generated by the central admissions portal of Delhi University. The Department of Economics has no control over this process. All complaints in this regard are being referred to the concerned University authorities. Candidates are also advised to refer to the University’s Bulletin of Information from http://admission.du.ac.in/pg16/index.php/site/login to clarify doubts regarding reservations / relaxations for different categories, procedure for obtaining a photocopy of the OMR sheet, etc.


Important Notice


The documents of those who took admission under the first list have been verified and they have all been re-assigned to the Department of Economics. The process of activating the payment link is in progress, and they should able to pay their fees on-line by this evening or tomorrow morning.

There will be an orientation programme for all first-year M.A. students on Tuesday 26th July 2016, beginning at 10.30 am in the Lecture Theatre of the Department of Economics. All students whose names appeared on the first admission list, and who submitted their documents in the Department, should attend the programme, regardless of whether they have paid their fees. Fees may be paid up to 6 am on the date of the 2nd admission list, viz 29th July 2016.

It is clarified for all concerned that the Admission Lists are automatically generated by the central admissions portal of Delhi University. The Department of Economics has no role to play in this process. It is also clarified that the lists are not in order of merit.

Applicants may email any complaints about the admissions process to admissions2016@econdse.org, with Admission Grievance in the subject line, by 10 am on Wednesday 27th July 2016. A Departmental admissions grievance committee will look into all complaints and take appropriate action or refer the matter to the concerned University authorities.

M.A. Economics Admissions Revised [First List]

Important Notice


The centralised admissions portal of Delhi University has sent us a revised First Admissions List for M.A. in Economics. The status of students who have already claimed admission until today under the original first list will remain valid. The tab for online payment will be activated by Monday 25th July. The last date for taking admission under the revised First List has also been extended to Monday 25th July. Students whose names appear on the revised First List who are interested in taking admission may report to Room 104 in the Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics with their original documents between 10 am to 3 pm (excluding lunch break) on Monday 25th July. Applicants may complete the on-line payment process by 6 am on 29th July. The Second List will be notified the same day (29th July) for any seats that remain vacant in each category. Applicants should continue to check the Delhi University PG applications portal as well as this website for further updates.

There will be an orientation programme for all first-year students on Tuesday 26th July 2016, beginning at 10.30 am in the Lecture Theater of the Department of Economics.

M.A. Economics Admissions [First List]

Important Notice


All those whose names appear in the list should report to Room 104 of the Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics between 10 am to 3 pm (except lunch break) on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd July, for verification of documents and further instructions regarding admission.

Please check the Delhi University and this website regularly for information about the second list, orientation for admitted students, and start of classes.


Entrance Tests for M.A. and M.Phil/Ph.D. in Economics
Important Notice


Answer keys

The answer keys for the Entrance Tests for M.A. and M.Phil/Ph.D. in Economics were uploaded on the same day, viz 21st June 2016, and candidates were given until 23rd June to submit their complaints/doubts via email. All the complaints/doubts regarding the answer key were carefully vetted by the Admissions Committee and the following decisions were taken:

  1. M.A. admission test (ZA-5033): The key is correct and no changes/corrections are required.
  2. M.Phil./Ph.D. admission test (ZA-5121): There are two corrections:
  1. Question 4: Correct answer is (d).
  2. Question 14: There is a typing error in the question. This question will be considered as invalid and 3 marks should be awarded to all candidates.

Qualifying Marks for M.A. Entrance Test

As made clear in the Department’s Handbook of Information, the qualifying mark in the Entrance Examination for General Category candidates is 40%. The corresponding qualifying mark for OBC candidates is 36%. These are the minimum marks required to be eligible for admission to the Course. However, in all Courses wherein admissions are based on the rank/merit in the entrance examination, securing the Qualifying Marks in the Entrance Examinations is not a guarantee for admission, but merely an entitlement to be considered for admission. Admission to such Courses shall depend upon the availability of seats in the course, and other requirements as notified in the University’s Bulletin of Information.

Declaration of Results

The Department will be able to decide on admission lists for M.A. only after receiving the processed results of the entrance test (for entrance category) and B.A. Hons Economics (for Direct/Merit category) from the Examination Branch of the University of Delhi. Likewise, interview shortlists for M.Phil./Ph.D. will only be drawn up after receiving the results of the entrance test from the Examination Branch. The Department is unable to provide any information regarding possible dates of declaration of results.

Following is the answer key for the MA entrance test, held on June 21, 2016. Queries regarding any question may be emailed to admissions2016@econdse.org, latest by 5 PM, June 23, 2016. Queries regarding MA entrance test may please cite the question number and the corresponding series number.

M. A. Economics Entrance Exam 2016 –  Solution Key


Applications for Admissions for 2016-17 are now closed.  The following information is for the benefit of candidates who applied before the last date.

The entrance test has been fixed for 8 a.m. on Tuesday, 21st June, 2016. Admit cards giving details of the examination centres will be issued by the on-line admissions portal. Any questions in this regard should be sent to to contact@uims.du.ac.in.

The M.A. Economics entrance test will be two hours long and consist of 40 multiple-choice questions, to be attempted on a bubble (OMR) sheet. Each question will be followed by four possible answers, at least one of which is correct. If more than one choice is correct, choose only the `best one’. The `best answer’ is the one that implies (or includes) the other correct answer(s). Indicate your chosen best answer on the bubble-sheet by shading the appropriate bubble.  For each question, you will get 3 marks if you choose only the best answer; 0 mark if you choose none of the answers. However, if you choose something other than the best answer or if you choose multiple answers, then you will get -1 mark for that question. The bubble sheet must be filled in ball-point pen.
Rough work is to be done on the blank pages of the question booklet, but it will not be checked. As the number of blank pages will be limited, you are advised to use pencil for rough work and erase it to ensure enough space.
A brief description of the coverage of the entrance test and indicative readings, as well as other information about the Department, is given in the Handbook of Information,http://econdse.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Handbook-of-Information-2016-final.pdf.   Note the following correction: calculators will not be permitted in the examination hall. 
Applicants should also carefully go through the instructions given in the University’s Information Bulletin,

Both the above websites should be checked regularly for updates.

Handbook of Information 2017

Last date for submitting applications online:  May 24, 2016

To apply visit : http://admission.du.ac.in/pg16/index.php/site/login