Course 603 : Environmental Economics

Lecture Notes
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HSW Chapter 3

HSW Chapter 4

HSW Chapter 5

Baumol, W.J. and W.E. Oates. 1971. "The Use of Standards & Prices for Protection of the Environment", Scandinavian Journal of Economics 73:42-54.

Fisher, Anthony C. 1981. Resource and Environmental Economics - excerpt from Chapter 6 (the cost-effectiveness of a tax)

Montgomery, W.D.  1972.  "Markets in Licenses and Efficient Pollution Control Programs," Journal of Economic Theory 5:395-418.

Montgomery, W.D. 1974. "Artificial Markets and the Theory of Games," Public Choice 18(1):25-40.

Krupnick, A.J., W.E. Oates, and E. Van De Verg.  1983.  "On the Design of a Market for Air Pollution Permits:  The Case for a System of Pollution Offsets," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 10:233-247.

Hahn (QJE 1984)

Malik (JEEM 1990)

Adar and Griffin (JEEM 1976)

Weitzman (REStud 1974)

Weitzman Theorem Proof

Roberts and Spence (JPubE 1976)

Jacoby and Ellerman (Energy Policy 2004)

McKibbin and Wilcoxen (JEP 2002)

Burtraw et al. (EP 2010)

Barnett (AER 1980)

Symposium on tradable permits (read at least first 3 papers)

Key issues in symposium papers (guide to reading and for questions that may be asked)

Tietenberg (REEP 2013) - Carbon pricing in practice

Kwerel (1977)

Partha Dasgupta (1982) - Chapter 4

DHM (1980)

VCG Mechanism

Montero (2008)

Lewis (1996)

Thomas (1995)

Kolstad chapter 16

Phaneuf Chapter 4 (Imperfect Information)

Segerson (1988)

Segerson and Micelli (1998)

Di Falco (2012)

Blackman (2010)

Blackman and Harrington (2000)

Blackman (2009)