Course 104 : Game Theory II

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Lecture Notes


Problem Set : Problem Set 2, Problem Set 1

Term Paper

Topics and readings for term paper

References given below should be sufficient for understanding the fundamental concepts. However, groups are encouraged (and advised) to read beyond this list. Evaluation will be based on: a) Quality of fieldwork, b) Understanding of  concepts and techniques, c) Quality of data analysis

Syllabus and Readings

Topic 1: Welfare Economics

Topic 2: Mechanism Design

Reference (if not otherwise mentioned): Chapter 23, Mascolell, Whinston and Green

  • Dominant strategy implementation in Voting domain: Gibbard Satterthwaite theorem
  • Dominant strategy implementation in Public good domain: VCG mechanism
  • Bayesian implementation: Auction domain (Vijay Krishna, Auction Theory, Chapter 2,3)

Past papers (Some of the topics, taught in previous years, will not be covered this year)